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Say What?


I’ll bet you thought my background was comprised mostly as being the Voice of the Grizzlies or maybe you heard me for the first time when In My Opinion hit the airways in October or maybe you Read my Unabomber or Alberton chlorine spill Missoulian coverage.

Or maybe even just maybe you are one of those fine folks who bought one of my trio of books about the history of University of Montana football.

Or maybe…well you get the idea.

While I didn’t go to school in the Treasure State and wasn’t lucky enough to find employment here until the early eighties, you’re right in assuming I have touched a few bases since then.

And no this isn’t my swan song. Just reminiscing with some remembrances of Dave Wilson who was on Saturday inducted into the Montana Broadcasters association hall of fame.

The reason being, although several different people played a part, it really was those golden pipes of Dave that got me into the radio and more specifically the play-by-play business.

Now whether Dave just saw I had radio potential or just was pushed into a corner cuz he had no one to do high school games is anybody’s guess but he was behind it all.

But more about the legend, who possessed the greatest – maybe like say Sam Elliot – kind of pipes.

A great entertainer in his own right, he fronted several bands and always seemed to have the capacity to work all night yet still be robust, funny, and professional returning to the air just a few hours later.

When we shared the morning dais in Missoula I knew nothing about him being named the most listened to announcer in Montana in 1976.

But it wasn’t always easy going between us as we hit the air together after CBS news at 6 a.m.

We were in separate rooms and that first hour always brought its challenges as missing a cue or misspeaking just wasn’t acceptable in Dave’s highly professional world.

And when he announced one morning after I covered the Mt Sentinel fire and a Southside shooting and was named news director that we were going to news talk with a trio, instead of just a morning, news blocks, let’s just say I was chagrined .

Chagrined? It was more like terrified

just sayin;

I can't drive fast enough


You remember the Treasure state’s Interstate speed limit was recently elevated to 80 mph right?

And you probably recall those five buck times and the words safe and prudent in reference to the wild west of Montana we share just with wildlife.

But will the raising of the limit ever be sufficient for a seemingly large section of our population that fly up behind you, I guess in an attempt to blow you off the road, even when you are traveling five to 10 miles an hour faster than the posted limit.

Yep I’ve been on the road again and after making a 600-mile approximate 30 hour round trip to Big Sky resort south and west of Bozeman.

Some of my Highway Patrol and Beach Transportation friends might tell you that I have been known to travel at well over the speed limit.

But several years ago I was compelled to slow down and while you might get me traveling 45 in a 35 or maybe 50 in a 60, 84 or so on the Interstate might be about right for me.

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Hall of Famer


My deceased longtime radio friend Dave Wilson was inducted into the Montana Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame Saturday night.

And it was an extra special occasion because his family, which includes his son Mark, who has dominated the Billings morning ratings for many a moon, and his wife Cheryl attended.

But there were other surprises in store and what a special and surprising night at Chet Huntley Lodge at Big Sky.

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A sincere thank you


When I initially approached Anderson Broadcasting about my idea for an opinion segment, I thought the possibility probably would be a stretch.

After all we live in a relatively small burg, diminutive enough that seemingly everybody knows each other, at least if they are not somewhat related, and accompanying the proximity we probably know more about each other’s business than is healthy.

Now I am admittedly am a curious fellow and seem to possess the affinity that people I either know well or am just meeting tell me things they might not easily share with others and I have asked questions of folks most of my life – usually from people who aren’t interested in even talking to a reporter – and well you get the idea.

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My remembrances of the late Tim Bush


The time does fly by. It seems like only yesterday when No. 91 used to prowl the Grizzly front from his end position.

And from 2000 to 2003 there wasn’t any player in UM history who rush the quarterback more effectively than Tim Bush.

It is hard to believe that the Kellogg product has been dead seven years last week after being killed in a mine accident near his Idaho home.

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Just About Time


Since my boat only goes in then comes out of that treasured body of water that I gaze at every day I suppose I don’t pay enough attention as I drive by the various check stations that have been set up since the last time I took the vessel anywhere many years ago.

But when you are dealing with the protection of a 197-sqare mile body that happens to be recognized as not just the largest freshwater lake in the western United States but also one of the 300 largest lakes in the entire world, protection of the treasure of Flathead Lake certainly can’t be taken for granted.

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The Boys Are Fishin'


About as close as I am interested in making my way into an ice shack any time soon was completely satisfied Sunday in three-part harmony because of an imaginary visit accompanying the Port Polson players fishers.

And what a frolicking journey it was as visiting actor and Lewing future son-in-law Matt Loehrke joined Neal Lewing in anticipating the visit of imaginary TV host Cubby Cvernan to their Minnesota icy man cave.

Adapted from Man’s Musical Comedy, described as a “straight forward look into a chilly Wisconsin world where ice fishing and the Green Bay Backers are among life’s most important cornerstones,” strongly resembled those imaginary creatures featured on Montana radio portrayed in part by Mark Ward as Captain Catchem.

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Tim Hit a Grand Slam


I am sure that many of us have been disappointed after attended some kind of concert or play or other type of entertainment that was preceded by a wealth of publicity that led one to believe to miss attending was not to participate in the Second Coming.

And that certainly was the case with Tim Ryan Rouiullier’s Saturday night performance of Play me Montana at the George and Jane Dennison Theater in Missoula.

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It's Tim Time


Well it’s almost here and tomorrow is the day for Tim Ryan Rouillier’s unique presentation of Play Me Montana.

Accompanied by the Missoula Symphony Orchestra more than 125 performers will take the stage at one time at the George and Jane Dennison Theater, you know the University Theater next to the music building, at 7 p.m. Saturday in what’s billed to be a most unique and highly enjoyable arrangement.

Long a dream of the St Ignatius native, who played on the 82 UM Big Sky Conference championship football team, he completed all but his student teaching short of a UM degree.

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Flag Day


Wednesday while not recognized as a federal holiday the day’s moniker is annually celebrated by veteran’s groups and others for its importance.

One of the oldest of the Nation’s such recognition, June 14 was first arose in importance during the Second Continental Congress in 1777 when they recognized Old Glory as this Nation’s national sign or in 1885 depending on whose information one recognizes.

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After I recently began to sell sports and other memorabilia and autographs I have been collecting as an investment in some cases since the sixties, I am often asked first what my most prized possession is and what my most valuable piece is.

A couple of questions I never really gave much thought to until I started pricing some things to put out on the national scene because I have come to discover especially locally my top-end stuff seems overpriced.

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Think About It


One might think after listening to IMO that I spend most of my time wandering around looking for something to convey my thoughts to you about.

While there’s some truth to the wandering around my purposes actually has nothing to do with my daily diatribes yet it does seem interesting things come my way in my travels.

But I have to confess in being vigilant, I also enjoy watching people, their reactions and even their body language.

So back on the road with some driving conclusions.

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Go Recycle


While Cathode Ray television tubes (CRTs) were not accepted this year, but that had little effect on the annual e-waste recycling at the Transfer Station last weekend.

More than 1,200 lbs of for-reuse or recyables material was brought to the Lake County facility during the six-hours the east side of the yard was a bevy of activity

8,000 lbs.also was collected at area schools and hospitals, about 10 percent more than last year and added to the 7,200 of last year’s tonnage brought the 2016 total to about 100 lbs more than a year ago.

This is the eighth year of the single-day electronics endeavor which takes such items out of the refuse stream which is even more beneficial given the bulky size of some items.

County Solid Waste District Manager Mark Nelson does not forsee a decline in recycled material given the length of time between consumers propensity to upgrade such items and issues like printer replacement given it sometimes can be less expensive to replace the device rather than buy replacement cartridges.

An additional advantage is the amount of air and water pollution if e-waste is disposed as with other items.

With some 100 million people participating in such events there remains much potential for growth.

But, and full disclosure here since I am a longtime consulting board member at the Transfer Station, not all larger businesses and schools in the county participate in recycling things even as easy as white paper.

And I find that difficult to fathom since not only can it present an educational opportunity for students and is extremely easy, but also and let’s face it, it’s just the right thing to do.

And in households just what does it take to have a little organization and start by the recycling of say newspaper and cardboard.

I will be the first to admit I didn’t always do this instead opting for just letting everything go into the waste stream but after learning the extent my good friend Julie does and seeing just how easy it was to get organized in such an effort felt compelled to participate.

So how about it – Take it either upon yourself or maybe pressure your employer or school to be sure they participate.

Just sayin’



I Say Oops!


Quite a reality check I had last week in the downtown Polson area to bring a stark reminder that the less populated winter days are long gone and the quantity of traffic and type of traffic has taken a substantial change.

Even though we get reminders at the start of the school year to be mindful of the barrage of with nothing but respect, ankle biters, some of whom excited about going to school for the first time are more than likely not so vigilant.

But here at the onset of what Nat king Cole first described as the lazy, crazy hazy days of summer there’s other types of worrisome and challenging encounters in the wait.

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An emotional return to reality


If there was any doubt about the power of social networking, or in my case Facebook, it certainly was alleviated last week with the passing of my beloved yellow lab Skyy.

While I am listed on several other platforms, my usual method of daily personal communication is to the news feed and additional reminders for the promotion of this program.

But I was overwhelmed with the kind reaction I received and wanted to let you know how much it meant to me in addition to how helpful it was.

I have progressed to the point at least I can talk about Skyy without completely wailing to the point of non-communication.

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Good Bye Skyy


Rare indeed was the sudden velocity of the storm that swept through the Flathead just before 8 p.m. and I just had got my pickup in the garage and came down the hallway only to see slightly illuminated just by the fading sunlight the large canvas picture of my deceased yellow lab Skyy, a present from Sandy, sparkling in the corner like a flashlight was shining on it. Surreal

Skyy hated storms and hid in the bathroom or next to my bed and this was like she bid farewell six hours after her death to let me know she’d crossed the Rainbow Bridge but would always be looking over me with a thunderous crack.

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One Fine Ursus Horribilis


Just a quick note to recognize the fine judges - a bit of levity there – who selected this program as one of two finalists for Program of the Year as presented by the Montana Broadcasters Association.

It’s been a decade since I have entered the yearly contest since the deadline falls at the end of hoop season and just compiling an expedient entry proved difficult.

Judged by an out-of-state panel winners will be honored at the annual convention to be held at Big Sky in late June.

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Just An Idea or Two

By Mick Holien

The third day of your weekend and what a beautiful scenario it has been. And from this veteran to you Happy Birthday and please take just a just moment to reflect.

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I want you to think about writing this down because when Memorial Day arrives next Monday – that’s right just three plus days from now you are going to wish you had listened better or wrote this down. That’s at least always my problem.

There are two parades in Ronan and Polson with the Ronan event starting at 10 a.m. followed by Polson at noon.

I say this only because is there nothing better than a small community parade and no finer annual get-together than Memorial Day.

And true it is another of those three-day weekends that we sometimes get confused.

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Float Mt Boat


It is about this time of year I begin getting itchy feet to ready some things for summer even though the weather has just begun to venture into spring.

While it certainly is not unusual for this time of year it sure seems like there has been a more days of precipitation and threatening and gloomy skies.

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